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5G Roaming Revenues to Reach $30 Billion by 2028

22nd May 2024, London, UK:  New research by roaming experts Kaleido Intelligence forecasts that retail and wholesale revenues for roaming connections will reach $30 billion by 2028. Kaleido also predicts that the global 5G roaming traffic will represent 78% of total traffic in 2028, a significant increase from under 10% in 2023.

While 5G Standalone (SA) roaming will unlock the full potential of 5G technology, delivering true capabilities and enabling new use cases, 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) roaming remains the more immediate focus for mobile operators. According to Kaleido’s latest 5G Roaming MNO Survey conducted in Q1 2024, approximately 72% of participating operators plan to launch 5G NSA roaming by the end of 2025, while over 32% aim to introduce 5G SA within the same timeframe.

As of April 2024, Kaleido tracks 145 mobile operators in 67 country markets with 5G NSA roaming availability.

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5G Roaming Operator Survey Findings

Kaleido surveyed over 80 Tier 1 and Tier 2+ leading mobile operators around the world on their 5G roaming implementation plans, technological needs, monetisation strategies and use case requirements in Q1 2024.

Key findings from the survey included:

  • Over 80% of participating mobile network operators see testing and launching new 5G network functions as their main challenge in deploying 5G SA roaming.
  • Around 40% of operators believe low latency and high bandwidth applications will be the key driver of roaming revenues over the next 24 months.
  • Understanding the GSMA Guidelines for interconnect models and roaming agreements was the most immediate 5G SA roaming requirement for the majority of operators (64%).
  • More than 80% of operators see QoS management as their key signalling requirement whilst migrating from 4G to 5G NSA/SA roaming services.

Key Use Cases

In addition, Kaleido’s survey underscores the importance of 5G roaming for seamless international connectivity, enabling specific use cases like large-scale IoT deployments. Respondents also see 5G roaming as a chance to enhance QoS (quality of service) during international roaming, improving network coverage, reliability, and user experience.

Dawnn Dinsey, Research Analyst at Kaleido Intelligence added: 5G NSA roaming adoption continues to gain momentum, bringing with it an increase in both connections and data consumption, leading to incremental revenues for operators. However, to seamlessly transition to 5G SA roaming and target new use cases for continued growth, mobile operators must prioritise addressing fundamental technological requirements with their roaming vendors and partner providers.

A sizeable portion of mobile operators view transportation and fleet management applications as the international segment with the highest potential for 5G roaming deployments over the next few years.

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Kaleido Intelligence is a specialist consulting and market research firm with a proven track record of delivering telecom research at the highest level. Kaleido Intelligence is the leading research company addressing mobile roaming and connectivity services in its entirety, covering industry-leading market insights, data forecasts, historical viewpoints, competitive intelligence and operator market surveys.

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