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BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, iBASIS, Mobileum & Syniverse Leads Champion
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London, 10th October 2023: Kaleido Intelligence, a leading roaming market research and consulting firm, has announced its latest Roaming Vendor Hub research, providing the most up-to-date product assessment and scores for roaming vendors and service providers across 8 different categories.

The Roaming Vendor Hub: Competitive Analysis 2023 research analysed 51 established roaming vendors and wholesale providers. It includes an in-depth evaluation of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for all companies. Kaleido’s method entails categorising vendors based on their product excellence, recognising each company’s distinct market positioning, problem-solving skills, innovative prowess, and their ability to align with current market needs and future demands.

The study is the culmination of more than 4-months’ worth of primary and secondary research, including product demos, questionnaires, and detailed interviews and briefings to collect relevant information.

26 Vendors Receive Champion Kaleido Scores

BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, iBASIS, Mobileum and Syniverse were scored the Number 1 Champion vendors across multiple product categories. These categories encompassed Steering Of Roaming, Sponsored Roaming, Roaming Hubs, IPX, Roaming Analytics & VAS, Clearing & Settlement, Fraud Management, as well as Signalling Security & Firewall. Additionally, 20 other companies were also recognised as Champions in the assessment.

Champion vendors excel in providing leading product ranges and top-tier service quality, ensuring operator success with Kaleido Scores of 12 and above (out of 15).

The Number 1 and Champion vendors across key roaming product segments as scored by Kaleido Intelligence are included in the accompanying infographic.

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Quotes from Number 1 Champion Vendors: Cellusys, Comfone, iBASIS, Mobileum

Chris Lennartz, VP Product at Cellusys: “We’re honoured to be recognised as the #1 Steering of Roaming vendor. Cellusys focuses on giving operators control of their traffic with our signalling-focused roaming and security portfolio. We are ready to empower operators at every step as they transition to VoLTE, IoT and 5G in both roaming and security.”

Roberto Lima, COO at Comfone: “Comfone is honoured to receive this recognition for all core services, and we are particularly thrilled with our Champion #1 ranking for our Key2roam Hub. Our mission is to serve our customers by connecting all people and all things, so to receive such an accolade celebrating the Key2roam Hub is testament to the hard work of our Comfone team. I am proud of this achievement and promise to keep our customer’s satisfaction and expectations at the centre of our philosophy, and continue to deliver the best possible quality in the industry.”

Guillaume Klein, VP Product Management at iBASIS: “iBASIS is proud to score for the third time in a row as #1 IPX supplier and Champion in Roaming Analytics & VAS, Fraud Management, and Signalling Firewall Security. Listening to our customers’ needs is at the core of our product development strategy, we have been driven by the demand from our clients to ‘’EXPAND, MONETIZE, INNOVATE and PROTECT’. I’m glad to see the team efforts recognised this year again among the roaming industry.”

Bernardo Lucas, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Mobileum: “We are honoured to be named #1 Champion by Kaleido Intelligence for our industry-leading Fraud Management and Signalling Security solutions. This recognition is the result of our continuous innovation and commitment to protect telecom operators and its customers from ever-evolving fraud, cybersecurity, and network threats.”

Syniverse & BICS Leads Overall Roaming Product Scores

Syniverse was once again scored as the overall leader across all product categories, showcasing remarkable performance in multiple segments, while reinforcing their roaming market positioning. Additionally, BICS has earned significant recognition for offering a comprehensive array of industry-leading roaming solutions and services, securing a high overall score in this regard.

Andrew Davies, CEO at Syniverse: “Our position as the top roaming vendor for the third consecutive year, as well as again being named the top choice for data and financial clearing, is a reflection of how we’re relentlessly fulfilling the varying needs of our customers. Being honoured as a ‘Champion’ in six of Kaleido’s eight service areas shows we remain committed to providing innovative solutions to the emerging challenges in the industry — including in wholesale roaming monetisation, where our BCE-compliant product empowers mobile network operators with incomparable billing, charging, and clearing services.”

Mikael Schachne, VP Telco at BICS: “BICS is very proud to be recognised by Kaleido as the number one vendor for Roaming Analytics & VAS (value-added services) for the third year in a row, and this year to be the number one vendor for Sponsored Roaming, as well as a Champion of Roaming Hubs, IPX, and Roaming Fraud Management. We are extremely happy with the acknowledgement, reflecting our continuous commitment to providing a highly comprehensive offering of roaming services as we remain devoted to strengthening global connectivity and delivering value to our customers.”

Nitin Bhas, Chief of Strategy & Insights at Kaleido Intelligence commented: “The roaming vendors and service providers assessed in our 2023 Roaming Vendor Hub remains dedicated to fostering innovation, particularly in light of the market’s shift toward next-generation roaming services and novel use cases. The ongoing technological advancements and pioneering strategies employed by these industry leaders will be pivotal in facilitating operator success amidst the evolving landscape of roaming services in the coming years”.

The leadership scoring analysis for 51 different roaming vendors is summarised in the Roaming Vendor Hub report, along with an assessment of company strengths and opportunities.

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