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IPX Networks to carry Nearly 5,000 Petabytes of Roaming Data Traffic in 2024

18th June 2024, London, UK:  New findings by roaming experts Kaleido Intelligence predict that consumer and M2M/IoT data roaming traffic transported by IPX providers will approach 5,000 PB in 2024, representing over a four-fold increase compared to 2019 levels. Mobile operators must ensure they are prepared for the expected growth in roaming traffic due to the continued global expansion of 5G roaming and IoT-enabled devices.

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5G NSA & SA Roaming Data Traffic To Represent 75% of Total Data Traffic Carried via IPX Networks by 2028

The research report, IPX: Market Strategies & Opportunities 2024, predicts that IPX providers will play a pivotal role in managing 5G traffic in the coming years. They will ensure that capacity, security and quality requirements are met to handle the anticipated influx of signalling and data traffic from 5G-enabled devices.

Kaleido forecasts that global 5G NSA (non-standalone) and SA (standalone) roaming connections will surge to nearly 1 billion by 2028, with the proportion of 5G roaming traffic increasing significantly and accounting for over 75% of all data traffic by 2028.

Key IPX Requirements

Further, Kaleido’s 2024 5G Roaming MNO survey explored the different IPX services mobile operators require when launching 5G SA roaming. The survey of over 80 Tier 1 and Tier 2+ global operators delves into key requirements and challenges from an IPX perspective.

The top 5 IPX requirements for launching 5G roaming as perceived by the operators were:

  1. Performance meeting mutually agreed SLAs and QoS
  2. Meeting the 5G roaming capacity requirements
  3. Real-time intelligence and analytics to monitor network integrity and performance
  4. Guaranteed security best practices for interconnection and signalling
  5. Regional or local breakout options

Dawnn Dinsey, Research Analyst at Kaleido Intelligence added: “As 5G roaming connections rise globally, IPX vendors must ensure their networks can handle the continued increase in data traffic without compromising QoE. With 5G set to dominate by the decade’s end, a reliable IPX foundation and related-services will help mobile operators better monetise 5G SA and IoT roaming traffic.”

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