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Mobile Operator Fraud and Security Losses to reach $45 billion in 2025

Implementation of 5G Security to Reduce Annual
Losses by $9 Billion by 2028

27th September 2023, London, UK: New research from connectivity and roaming specialists Kaleido Intelligence has found that losses from fraud and security incidents will peak at $45 billion in 2025, before declining to $36 billion in 2028 as new 5G security measures become more widely used.

There is still some way to go to reach this state, however; in Kaleido’s survey of signalling security among operators, over 70% felt only partially prepared for future 5G threats. This will take time to resolve; the survey noted operators are more focused on the Diameter protocol as a threat vector, rather than the HTTP/2 threats that 5G Standalone will bring.

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Increasing Attack Surface, Multi-Layered Attacks

The new research, Mobile Network Fraud & Security: 2023 Outlook notes that voice fraud will fall from 38% of fraud loss value in 2022 to 31% by 2028, as fraudsters shift their efforts to newer channels, particularly as 5G’s architecture will bring new problems with the use of HTTP/2, which cybercriminals are familiar with from conventional computer hacking. Voice fraud will remain prominent as long as older protocols with known flaws need to stay in place until networks become fully packet-switched.

With attackers’ targets shifting, security solutions need to cover multiple protocols to be fully effective. The report shows that attacks which target specific protocols to bypass the security of another, or to collect data to later spoof a more secure layer, are becoming more common. This demands a holistic approach to security from operators, which has not historically been the case.

Kaleido Signalling Security Survey Q3 2023: Key Findings

Other key findings from Kaleido Intelligence’s mobile operator signalling security survey, conducted in Q3 2023, included:

  • Lack of in-house security knowledge and testing capabilities are seen as the main constraints to implementing signalling security.
  • This is compounded by over 40% of respondents noting they have only a limited toolset to mitigate signalling threats.
  • Roaming will continue to be a challenge, with 50% of respondents considering it the most difficult element of 5G security to correctly implement.

Telecoms operators are struggling to match the pace of change in the security landscape, particularly with the advent of 5G, remarked research author James Moar. With many new protocols and system changes from the new architecture, concerted effort needs to be made to re-educate staff and retool networks to secure the increased volume of communications and data.

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