Cellular-Satellite Communications: Opportunities & Forecasts
40 Pages
February 2023


Research Highlights:

  • Mobile stakeholder strategic approaches
  • Spectrum & standards analysis
  • Satellite Network Operator incumbent & emerging competitive landscape
  • Direct-to-satellite use case & roadmap
  • Direct-to-satellite penetration & revenue forecasts for smartphones & IoT use cases

This new strategic report from Kaleido provides an analysis of the emerging opportunity for cellular direct-to-satellite communications. It offers an assessment of ongoing trends, examining the LEO ‘space race’ in addition to challenges faced by incumbent and emerging Satellite Network Operators (SNOs).

The report provides valuable survey feedback from the enterprise and CSP community in regard to needs related to satellite connectivity, while a number of key SNOs are examined in the context of their activities related to direct-to-satellite communications, covering constellation plans, launches, business models and strategic directives for services.

Additionally, the report undertakes an investigation of 3GPP activities in relation to Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) alongside an analysis of satellite capacity and spectrum use. These insights are leveraged to offer a roadmap examination of potential use cases as the ecosystem develops, while offering analysis on challenges related to capacity, throughput and pricing models targeting specific user segments.

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • How SNOs are approaching the market in terms of spectrum, orbit, partnerships and business models
  • Analysis of sustainable approaches towards satellite connectivity
  • How the development of the ecosystem will open opportunities for richer services, and when these can be expected to reach the market
  • How regulation and standards are impacting the market

This 40-page concise report provides market sizing and forecasts for smartphone and IoT direct-to-satellite services uptake, examining subscriber numbers and connectivity revenues according to a moderate service uptake scenario.

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full metrics including regional forecasts for low, moderate, and high uptake scenarios, including ARPU. Members will be able to access the research directly.

For more information on accessing this research, or having membership access, please contact [email protected]

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Report Authors

Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
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