Roaming Data Hub Q1 2020
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March 2020

Historical & MARKET FORECAST Database: travel patterns, roaming USAGE, TRAFFIC, RETAIL REVENUES, WHOLESALE REVENUES,iot roaming, 5G ROaming

Kaleido’s Q1 2020 Data Hub is designed to help firms quantify the size of the roaming market now and over the coming years.

By far the most robust data available on mobile roaming, the Data Hub covers over 60 markets worldwide, allowing clients to help prioritise market entry and understand growth patterns around the world. It also addresses the size of the IoT Roaming and 5G Roaming market, with expanded forecasts planned over the coming year.

The data is based on the latest available data, and takes into account the impact of COVID-19 on global travel markets and consequential roaming activity.

Key metrics tracked through the Data Hub include:

  • International Tourism & Travel Market Growth: Outbound Departures & Inbound Arrivals
  • Unique Mobile Roamers: Outbound & Inbound
  • Active & Silent Mobile Roamers: Outbound & Inbound
  • 5G Outbound Roaming
  • IoT Roaming: Temporary & Permanent Connections
  • IoT Roaming: Usage, Traffic, Revenues
  • Roaming Traffic Forecasts: Voice, SMS & Data
  • Retail Roaming Pricing Trends: RLAH & PAYG
  • Roaming Wholesale Pricing Trends: Voice, SMS & Data
  • Wholesale Roaming Revenues: Voice, SMS & Data
  • Retail Roaming Revenues
  • Effective Retail Value for Outbound Roaming Traffic: Voice, SMS & Data
  • Silent Roamer Volume & Potential Revenue: Outbound

All metrics are split by 7 global regions and 60+ country markets, with a data range from 2016 through to 2024.


Clients can compare growth curves by market, or by channel, delivering clear viewpoints to make the best business decisions.

Members will be able to access the research directly. New customers can purchase the Data Hub as a one off product, or 12 month access including all new metrics and updtes through the year. Please contact us to learn more about pricing options.

Markets included in the Data Hub:

Global Uruguay Netherlands China
Latin America & Caribbean Canada Poland Hong Kong SAR, China
North America United States Portugal Indonesia
Europe & Central Asia Austria Russian Federation Japan
South Asia Belgium Spain Korea, Rep
East Asia & Pacific Czech Republic Sweden Malaysia
Argentina Denmark Turkey New Zealand
Brazil France United Kingdom Philippines
Chile Germany Bangladesh Singapore
Colombia Greece India Taiwan, China
Ecuador Hungary Pakistan Thailand
Mexico Ireland Sri Lanka Vietnam
Peru Italy Australia

Note: Additional markets are provided for Outbound and Inbound Travel Forecasts, covering 100 markets in total.

The Data Hub is updated every quarter, ensuring clients always have up-to-date metrics based on the latest market developments and trends. In addition, the Data Hub will be further expanded as new data viewpoints and forecasts are developed.

Data metrics coming soon to the Data Hub:

  • 5G Roaming: Usage, Traffic, Revenues
  • IPX: Usage, Traffic, Revenues
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global outbound travel trips to fall by 11% in 2020, impacting mobile roaming traffic revenue growth

Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research

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