Kaleido Webinar: Cellular IoT
The Brief

Kaleido worked with the client to achieve the following. 

Educate the industry: To educate the industry with new insights, data, viewpoints and analysis. 

Meet Marketing Objectives: Enabling our client to increase their brand awareness and market positioning while utilising Kaleido’s research and insights to open new commercial doors and provide added value to clients/business prospects. 

what we delivered
Week Campaign
Webinar Registrants
Page White Paper
How we helped

Kaleido delivered a successful webinar campaign by understanding and meeting the two key requirements of the brief: bringing new and needed insights into the industry and creating a compelling/engaging event. 

Kaleido used its existing knowledge and data inputs for the IoT market to showcase the growth potential post COVID-19, helping the industry learn how increased connectivity demand would shape future growth and what challenges must be addressed. 

In addition, Kaleido sought the input of leading industry voices across the market to add new viewpoints to the webinar. The result gave a perfect balance between content and the views of recognised industry thought leaders.

Kaleido utilised this input to enable a successful webinar campaign, running over a period of 6 weeks and obtaining over 400 attendees for the event. Kaleido worked with the client to ensure a well organised and effective marketing campaign, showcasing selected insights ahead of the webinar to drive registrations while ensuring new content would be available for attendees during the event. 

Who Attended?

  • Attendee Breakdown (%)
the result

The webinar was highly successful. 400 registrants signed up for the webinar, all of which received the accompanying White Paper. Both resources have been continually and successfully used post-event to meet marketing objectives. 

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