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Monetising IoT Wholesale Roaming in 2024
April 2024

Kaleido Insights | Research Highlights:

  • Evaluation of Wholesale IoT Roaming Business Models
  • Evolution of Monetisation Models & Trends
  • Operator Sentiment towards Future Charging Models

Kaleido’s Insights research series offers concise yet comprehensive analyses, providing a focussed analysis on pivotal topics shaping the roaming and connectivity landscape.

Our new Insights report provides an analysis of the current business models and monetisation trends for wholesale IoT roaming. It offers an assessment of the operator community’s perception of how monetisation is likely to develop over time as solutions such as BCE are rolled out.

The research breaks down the complexities and uncertainties shaping the future of IoT connectivity markets. It delves into the intricate dynamics of wholesale IoT monetisation and its far-reaching implications. It explores how market players are adapting to the commoditisation of pricing and the disruptive changes it brings.

Kaleido also examine the liabilities associated with current pricing strategies and the shifting focus towards profitability and innovation in non-bandwidth-intensive IoT use cases. It focusses on software and platform innovation, M&A activities, potential shifts in traditional IoT roaming practices, and the viability of access to local IMSI ranges.

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • How is the evolving landscape of wholesale IoT monetisation impacting market players’ strategies and approaches?
  • What is the impact of wholesale and retail traffic pricing on the ability of IoT providers to cater to the market effectively?
  • How must pricing models of players reflect the challenges and opportunities in the IoT connectivity market?
  • How is the focus shifting for pure-play IoT providers in terms of profitability and innovation, particularly in non-bandwidth-intensive IoT use cases?
  • What potential shifts are expected in traditional IoT roaming practices, and what are the implications for both MVNOs and MNOs?
  • What are the advantages and challenges associated with access to local IMSI ranges, and how does it compare to other technical solutions like eSIM profile swapping?

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Report Authors

Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
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