perspectives | Net Zero in Telecoms:
2024 Outlook

April 2024

Kaleido Perspectives | Research Highlights:

  • Sustainability landscape analysis
  • Over 100 CSPs evaluated for their Net Zero goals and climate change strategy progress
  • Assessment of telecoms sector progress towards Net Zero emissions goals
  • Actionable recommendations for CSPs to minimise their emissions

Kaleido’s Perspectives research series provides a concise analysis of the global mobile service operating environments and emerging technologies.

Our new perspectives report on Net Zero explores the ways in which mobile operators and other connectivity providers are working towards the Net Zero goals set out in the Paris Agreement of 2015 and codified into a pathway by the GSMA in 2023.


The research shows what progress has been made so far by the telecoms sector in goal setting and adherence, including discussion of intermediate goals, the standards used for Net Zero targets and the impact of national regulations on the area. It highlights areas where the telecoms sector can improve its emissions profile, as well as ancillary areas such as waste management and circular economy initiatives.

It discusses areas for improvement and showcases both best practices and elements of the Net Zero programme that the sector still has to fully address. It does this alongside macro trends affecting the sustainability outlook of the sector, from the 2G and 3G shutdowns to the roles that renewable electricity programmes and AI have to play in minimising the telecom sector’s environmental impact.


Finally, it presents overall scores for the sector across a range of criteria, following an assessment of the sustainability initiatives of 106 MNOs and MVNOs by Kaleido Intelligence. This focuses on Net Zero goals but also examines adjacent areas such as overall progress on electrification. It concludes with a number of actionable recommendations for industry players.


Readers will receive the following insights: 

  • Which changes to their operations will have the biggest impact on the telecoms sector’s carbon footprint
  • What standards and assessment tools are available from a number of general and sector-specific industry organisations
  • The overall status of Net Zero goals for the telecoms sector, including which areas are ahead and which are behind
  • A showcase of which players are following best practices for carbon emissions disclosure and reduction

Unlock Tailored Success: 

Kaleido’s new Perspectives research series provides a gateway to future-tech exploration and revenue generation opportunities for mobile operators.

Get in touch with our consulting team to understand the forces shaping mobile innovation, future technologies and sustainability and equip your business unit with the tools to drive transformative change.

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