Operator Survey Post COVID-19 Roaming Strategy
May 2020

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How are Operators Adjusting Roaming Strategy following COVID-19

How are Operators roaming expectations, needs and strategy impacted through COVID-19? We have run a survey of over 40 Operators worldwide to find the answers.


  • COVID-19 Impact on Mobile Roaming Traffic & Revenues
  • Roaming Revenue Recovery Strategies & Expectations
  • Impact on 5G, VoLTE Rollouts & Roadmap
  • Impact on IoT Roaming & Growth Strategies

Kaleido Intelligence conducted an industry survey in April 2020 to understand the COVID-19 impact on Mobile Roaming. The questionnaire, developed by Kaleido in partnership with leading industry stakeholders, focussed on the impact on roaming traffic and revenues, as well as timescales for 5G roaming and VoLTE deployment,

This survey report illustrates the anticipated roaming traffic and revenue decline and/or growth MNOs expect in 2020, alongside planned strategic initiatives in a post COVID-19 world.

Learn how operators are approaching existing roaming roadmap, how they are proceeding with 5G, IoT Roaming, VoLTE, alongside insights on expected recovery timescales.



The full report, based on our expert analysis and inputs from over 40 operators, ensures rich insight which will help teams adjust their strategic planning and business initiatives. In addition, the report will provide insights into operator needs and pain points for roaming business units moving forwards.



Roaming Traffic & Revenues Outlook:

Kaleido asked a series of questions to understand and gauge the impact of COVID-19 on roaming traffic and revenues as well as roaming rollout activities and to what varying levels. Learn more about how the decline in global travel volume will have a direct impact on roaming traffic and revenues.


VoLTE Roaming Outlook:

With VoLTE Roaming becoming a critical aspect for MNO roaming plans going forward, Kaleido asked a series of questions to understand and gauge the impact of COVID-19 on MNO activities around VoLTE launch plans and negotiating new agreements/reviewing existing agreements.


IoT Roaming Outlook:

With IoT Roaming driving inbound traffic across key regions, alongside significant growth in low volume traffic devices over the next 5 years, Kaleido asked a series of questions to understand what significant challenges and opportunities the cellular IoT and roaming sector holds for wholesale providers.


MNO Strategies & Outlook:

With mobile roaming expected to witness a bleak near-term future (at least in 2020 and 2021), Kaleido asked a series of questions to understand the support needed by operators from their wholesale roaming partners as well as their expectation on what will drive roaming revenues going forward.

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Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research

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