Retail Roaming: Market Trends & Future Outlook 2023
Dec 2022

Research Highlights:

  • Outbound Travel Recovery & Predictions
  • COVID Impact on Mobile Retail Roaming & Recovery
  • Market Opportunities & Trends: Analysis of Regulatory & MNO Initiatives
  • 4G & 5G Roaming Outlook
  • Outbound Roaming Forecasts & Assessment for 60+ Markets

This new strategic research report from Kaleido provides an analysis of the outbound retail roaming landscape, offering an assessment of the key trends, market developments and forecasts for the next 5 years.

The report provides an up to date analysis of key market movements and trends that will shape retail roaming over the coming years, especially following the impact of COVID-19 on travel and mobile roaming.

This includes, but not limited to, travel recovery outlook, RLAH market status, regulatory initiatives around the world, the launch of 5G and the outlook for VoLTE roaming. It also provides an unrivalled breakdown of current and future retail market opportunities for mobile operators.

This strategic research report provides outbound roamers, traffic and retail revenue forecasts for SMS, voice and data roaming for all global regions covering over 60 markets.

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • COVID-19 impact on travel: Market disruption and recovery outlook for 2021-2027.
  • COVID-19 impact on mobile roaming: MNO survey findings and outlook.
  • Assessment of the regulatory initiatives around the world and expected impact on retail spend.
  • Regional analysis of retail roaming spends by roaming trips across key regions.
  • Analysis of the latest EU RLAH status and impact of Brexit.
  • 4G & VoLTE roaming: Current market status and outlook.
  • 5G roaming: 5G roll-out strategies and outlook.
  • Strategic recommendations for mobile operators.

The PDF report provides market data at a global and regional level for the following metrics:

  • Outbound consumer mobile roamers and trips
  • Outbound data traffic for consumer roaming connections
  • Outbound SMS traffic for consumer roaming connections
  • Outbound voice traffic for consumer roaming connections
  • Outbound retail revenues for consumer roaming connections
  • Outbound IoT roaming connections
  • Outbound retail revenues for IoT roaming connections

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full outbound roaming metrics alongside consumer and IoT inbound and wholesale revenue forecasts, including data for 60+ global markets, totalling over 80,000 data points.

Members will be able to access the research directly.

For more information on accessing this research, or having membership access, please contact [email protected]

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2022 – 2027

Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
staff (4)
Shrey Bhandari
Senior Research Consultant

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