Roaming Testing: 
Market Roadmap 2024
May 2024

Research Highlights:

  • Examination of Roaming Testing Challenges
  • Analysis of 5G Roaming Testing Requirements
  • Evaluation of Key Players in Roaming Testing
  • Assessment of Crowdtesting Providers
  • Exploration of Alternatives to Traditional Roaming Testing

Kaleido’s new research on Roaming Testing explores the critical challenges facing operators in areas such as Quality of Service, Quality of Experience, and service monetisation, alongside the complexities of VoLTE, 5G and IoT roaming.

The research provides an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of roaming testing processes, including the rationale behind IREG and TADIG testing. It delves into primary issues that testers and the wider mobile ecosystem need to tackle in the short to medium term, including the rollout of 5G SA roaming agreements and the urgent need for defined standards in that area, particularly around GRQ.


The research includes an analysis of the key players in the space, followed by an assessment of opportunities for both new and existing players across the ecosystem.


Finally, Kaleido assessed the size of the roaming testing market and the opportunities it presents for a wide range of stakeholders, including roaming and network testing vendors, as well as clearing houses and crowdtesting providers.

Readers will receive the following insights: 

  • What are the key considerations and challenges in implementing VoLTE, 5G and roaming testing?
  • What are the fundamental tests and specifications involved in the testing process?
  • How does the transition from 4G to 5G networks affect testing procedures and standards?
  • Who are the key players in the roaming testing space, and what are their respective capabilities?
  • What impact will alternative approaches, such as crowdtesting and API-driven models, have on the market?
  • What business models and cost-benefit analyses are driving operator strategies in roaming testing?
  • Identify the top-line revenue opportunities associated with roaming testing?

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Windsor Holden
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