Roaming Vendor Hub:
Competitive Intelligence 2023

October 2023

The Most Detailed Competitive Intelligence Available on Mobile Roaming Vendors

The Kaleido Vendor Hub provides the industry’s most thorough assessment of roaming vendors’ product offerings.

Updated annually, the research is based on extensive primary and secondary research, conducted over a 4-month period involving more than 400 hours of research. The process covers all established roaming vendors, enabling like-for-like comparisons of product capabilities which also enables all vendors included to be assessed equally and on their own merits.

Kaleido’s 2023 Vendor Hub has been expanded, now assessing 51 separate vendors. Each vendor is active across one of the eight roaming product categories assessed, receiving product score(s) alongside company-specific profiles to give clear and impartial analysis to inform vendor positioning and competitive benchmarking.

Kaleido’s method entails categorising vendors based on their product excellence, recognising each company’s distinct market positioning, problem-solving skills, innovative prowess, and their ability to align with current market needs and future demands.

What’s Included in the Research?

  • Roaming market update: Trend analysis and projections based on Kaleido’s latest research and market data
  • Operator needs: Learn the latest operator priorities based on key findings from Kaleido’s annual survey program
  • Assessment of vendor offerings for the following services:
    • Roaming Analytics & Value Added Services (VAS)
    • Data & Financial Clearing
    • Fraud Management & Security
    • IPX
    • Roaming Hub
    • Sponsored Roaming
    • Steering of Roaming
    • Signalling Security & Firewall
  • Assessments include:
    • Technological capabilities and product strengths
    • Insights into product innovation and future business prospects
    • Analysis of vendor partners and key customers
    • Analysis of the scoring results
  • Kaleido Score for each vendor is included. This is determined by an assessment of 30+ scoring criteria per company. These criteria encompass evaluations of the company’s positioning, industry-specific performance, competitive advantages associated with the product or technology platform, as well as an analysis of key strengths, innovation, and future business potential.

Operators: Use the Vendor Hub to get a clear idea of which vendors deliver the leading roaming services best suited to their needs.

Roaming Vendors & Wholesale Service Providers: The Vendor Hub highlights the technology leadership of key vendors including individual strengths and unique market positioning verses competitors

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Vendors Assessed 

All vendors shown below have been assessed in the Vendor Hub.

*A1 Telekom Group Wholesale *Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Nextgen Clearing Tele2 International Wholesale
AMD Telecom *e& Carrier & Wholesale Oracle Telenet Group
Amplitiv EDCH *Orange Wholesale Telenor Linx
ARCH ENEA (Adaptive Mobile Security) PCCW Global *Telna
*Arelion Enghouse Networks PROTEI *Telefónica Global Solutions
*BICS F5 Roamability Thales
*BroadForward *G+D *RoamSmart *Sparkle
*Cellusys HGC Global Communications *SecurityGen Titan.ium
China Mobile International *iBASIS SIMartis *TOMIA
China Telecom Global JT Wholesale *Subex *Transaction Network Services
CITIC Telecom jtendo *Syniverse *Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services
Comfone Mavenir *Tata Communications Yaana Technologies
*CSG *Mobileum Tayana Mobility


All vendors are assessed based on publicly available information. Companies marked * have supplemented public information on product capabilities through either questionnaire completion, analyst briefings or product demos.

Vendors can participate in this research by contacting us at

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Kaleido Intelligence aims to provide accurate information. The information provided here is designed to enable helpful data and analysis on the subjects discussed. References to companies are provided for informational purposes only and Kaleido Intelligence does not endorse any operator, vendor or service included in this research and market study. Kaleido Intelligence prides itself on its reputation for maintaining the highest standards of integrity in conducting fair and impartial research. While information and content of this publication is believed to be accurate at the date of publication, neither Kaleido Intelligence nor any person engaged or employed by Kaleido Intelligence accepts any liability for any errors, omissions or any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by what is contained in or left out of this publication. This study consists of the opinions of Kaleido Intelligence and should not be construed as statements of fact. Kaleido Intelligence’s competitive analysis section is based on information provided to us by the vendors as well as using case studies and other marketing materials available in the public domain. In no event will Kaleido Intelligence be liable for loss or damages of any kind (including consequential loss) arising as a result of the use of or inability to use its research, market analysis, forecasts or vendor scores included in this document.

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Chief of Strategy & Insights
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