Travel eSIM Market Outlook 2023

Market Adoption and Roaming Impact
August 2023

Research Highlights:

  • International Travel SIM Market Status
  • Travel eSIM Market Dynamics & 2023 Outlook
  • Travel eSIM Adoption & Usage: Top 20 Travel Market Survey Findings
  • Travel eSIM Provider Segmentation & Popularity Findings
  • Consumer Travel eSIM Adoption & Forecasts

This latest focus research from Kaleido provides an up-to-date analysis of the international travel eSIM market landscape, offering an assessment of the key trends, market developments and roamer adoption and usage of such services.

The research provides valuable leisure and business traveller survey feedback from international travellers across leading 20 outbound and inbound markets around the world from a roaming and travel SIM adoption, drivers and usage outlook.

The survey, conducted by Kaleido in Q2 2023, provides insights into global and regional attitudes towards international travel and roaming in a post-pandemic world. It provides the latest travel and roaming outlook, with a specific focus on leisure and business travel demand, timescales for travel trips and popular regions, consumer preferences towards roaming and alternative connectivity methods including physical and digital travel SIMs, as well as market drivers and challenges.

This 42-page concise report provides a travel eSIM player assessment including a Kaleido Market Segmentation Matrix for 20 leading travel eSIM providers as well as survey findings on the most popular travel SIM services across the surveyed 20 country markets.

Kaleido also offers market forecasts for travel eSIM adoption, usage and retail spend across global regions and 60+ country markets.

In summary, readers will receive the following insights: 

  • International travel and roaming usage outlook and recovery in a post-pandemic world.
  • Operator survey findings covering travel eSIM adoption, usage versus operator roaming services, market drivers, pricing analysis, vendor usage and outlook for continued usage.
  • Analysis of key market drivers, including roaming and eSIM usage trends, increasing awareness of travel SIMs, pricing analysis, migration of physical to digital travel SIMs, MNO strategies and attitude towards eSIMs.
  • Market segmentation of 20 travel eSIM service providers and assessment.
  • Market forecasts for travel eSIMs, retail pricing and spend across 60+ global regions and country markets.

The PDF report provides market data at a global, country and regional level for the following metrics: 

  • Travel eSIM adoption, inbound and outbound trip volume
  • Travel eSIM retail spend, inbound and outbound
  • Travel eSIM wholesale roaming opportunity
  • Travel eSIM data traffic, inbound and outbound

Kaleido members with access to our Roaming Data Hub will receive full metrics, including forecasts for 60+ global markets, totalling over 100,000 data points. Members will be able to access the research directly through our Member Zone.

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Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
James Moar
Principal Analyst
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