The Travel eSIM Webinar Series 2024

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June 27th & July 2nd

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The Travel eSIM Webinar Series 2024:
Opportunity and Strategy for Mobile Operators

Travel eSIM is poised to become a significant market, with an expected annual spend exceeding $10 billion from 2028 onwards, driven by key travel markets and corridors. This presents a transformative opportunity for mobile operators to capitalise on and position themselves as the early movers in the evolving travel connectivity landscape.

Despite the promising financial prospects, knowledge and adoption of eSIM technology vary widely and is set to only increase. This webinar aims to address these gaps and explore how mobile operators can capitalise on this burgeoning market and harness this technology to enhance their revenue streams and overcome associated challenges.


Join our two live webinars on June 27th and July 2nd to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on leveraging travel eSIMs to enhance your business. The webinars will provide a comprehensive overview of the current landscape, future opportunities, and the strategies needed to succeed in the travel eSIM market.

Kaleido recently concluded the industry’s most comprehensive travel connectivity survey to gain valuable insights into international travellers’ roaming and alternative SIM usage patterns and purchasing habits. The study highlights the rapid adoption of digital SIM travel plans, consumer preferences, and market outlook. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to position your business as a leader in the evolving travel connectivity landscape.

Part 1: The Travel eSIM Opportunity for Mobile Operators
In the 1st instalment, we’ll reveal the findings from Kaleido’s new survey of 5,000 international travellers, looking at the perception, demand and drivers for Travel eSIM, while assessing the MNO opportunity.


What You’ll Learn

Impact of Travel eSIM on Mobile Roaming Revenues
  • Understand how travel eSIM technology is reshaping traditional roaming revenue models.
Monetising Silent Roamers with Travel eSIMs
  • Learn strategies to engage and generate income from previously unmonetized roamers.
Driving New Revenues for Operators with Travel eSIM
  • Explore how operators can leverage travel eSIM to unlock new revenue opportunities.
Live Q&A
  • Ask your questions to our live panel to inform your Travel eSIM strategy.
Part 2: MNO Strategies for Travel eSIM Success
In the 2nd instalment, we’ll look at the MNO strategy to enable success with Travel eSIM, covering partnership models, how to launch, ensuring revenue over cannibalisation and setting up for short/long-term success.


What You’ll Learn

Emerging Partnerships and Collaborations for Travel Connectivity Success
  • Discover key collaborations and partnerships driving advancements in travel eSIM connectivity.
The Role of 5G Roaming in the Travel eSIM Era
  • Examine the intersection of 5G and travel eSIM, and its implications for the future of roaming.
Technical and Operational Challenges in Transitioning to eSIM
  • We’ll address the technical and operational hurdles in adopting eSIM technology.
Live Q&A
  • Ask your questions to our live panel to inform your Travel eSIM strategy.
Findings from the survey will be made available to all registrants post-event in a new free White Paper. Selected early findings are shown below:
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All registrants will receive invites for both webinar events. recordings and presentations will be available post-event if you can’t join us live.

Kaleido Webinars | What to Expect?

Kaleido webinars are designed to inform the industry on the key areas and pertinent issues shaping the future of our industry. Registrations can expect new insights, dialogue from industry experts and views from multiple stakeholders, in a fluid engaging format that allows registrants to ask key questions related to the subject matter.

All participants will receive a copy of the webinar presentation, alongside a new White Paper including survey findings from Kaleido’s latest survey. There will also be a chance to answer your questions during panel sessions.

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Gregory Gundelfinger
CEO, Telna
Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Azad Singh
Azad Singh
Chief Global Mobility Solutions, Reliance Jio
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Emmanuel Bain
Senior Vice President, Console Connect
Regina Gonzalez
Roaming Business Manager, Telefónica


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Jon King
Chief Commercial Officer

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