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The latest findings from the Kaleido's Healthcare connectivity research

Cellular Connected Healthcare Devices will Transmit nearly 90 petabytes of data annually by 2027

500% growth anticipated as Remote Care and Connected Hospitals Become Commonplace

London, October 4th, 2022 – New research from connectivity experts Kaleido Intelligence has found that cellular data usage by the healthcare sector will increase almost 500% over the next 5 years, driven by an increasing use of connected healthcare both at home and clinical settings.


The new report, Healthcare Cellular IoT Opportunities & Forecasts 2022 notes that this increase in connectivity comes both as a result of necessity from the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing maturation of the Internet of Things, allowing over 50% of healthcare facilities to have cellular connectivity as part of their operations by 2027, covering everything from connected cardiac monitors to electronic ICU beds and surgical robotics.

LTE Connectivity Leading the Way in a Time of Transition

This increasing connectivity comes at a time when 2G and 3G networks are shutting down around the globe and 5G is not yet fully operational. As a result, Kaleido expects over 50% of active healthcare connections to be LTE-based from 2023, generating over $1 billion in airtime revenue in 2025.

5G will form a key part of the healthcare connectivity puzzle, particularly with regard to specialised use cases that require low latency and for fast transfer of detailed images, but we do not expect 5G connections to be present in large numbers until 2024, as both the networks and the end devices they power become more available

LPWAN Business Models Need More Than Data

The report also notes that cellular LPWAN will play a role in the healthcare connectivity ecosystem, but needs to be effectively monetised; thanks to low data rates, average airtime revenue per connection for LPWAN deployments in healthcare will be under $1 per year in most cases. To make these technologies profitable, connectivity providers will need to leverage alternative revenue models to make the most of low-data connections.

James Moar, Principal Analyst at Kaleido remarked: “Connectivity will be a vital tool for improving healthcare outcomes in future, but it is meaningless without application. Healthcare providers will need to invest in improved analytics and networking technologies, in order to make the best use of it. It is here that connectivity providers can supply valuable tools and insights, and elevate their services above simple connectivity.”


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