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Kaleido’s Country Report provides companies with data-based insights into essential travel and roaming-related areas for their specific country markets. The Country Report draws on metrics from Kaleido’s broader roaming database product, the Roaming Data Hub, to accurately measure the current and future size of your primary market.

At Kaleido, we track the roaming industry year-round, with research inputs from thousands of consumers, hundreds of MNOs and MVNOs, and over 50 roaming vendors worldwide. All this insight informs the Country Reports, which cover key topics shaping roaming, including consumer roaming, IoT roaming, VoLTE, 5G, BCE, travel eSIM, fraud, and more.

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✓ Measure the current and future size of your local roaming market
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Research highlights
  • Inbound and outbound international travel market data
  • Wholesale and retail viewpoints
  • New forecast data (2023-28) based on the latest Kaleido MNO surveys, vendor interviews, and 2022-2023 historical data collection
  • Impact analysis on roaming recovery, traffic and revenues, including:
    – Consumer Mobile Roaming
    – Travel eSIM Adoption & Roaming Impact
    – IoT Roaming
    – 5G Roaming
    – IPX
    – 5G IoT Roaming
    – Roaming Fraud
    – VoLTE
    – Clearing & Settlement: BCE & TAP
Historical, current & forecast roaming projections are available for the following markets:
North America Europe & Central Asia South Asia Middle East & North Africa
Canada Austria India Bahrain
United States of America Belgium Others* Egypt, Arab Rep.
Czech Republic Iran, Islamic Rep.
Denmark Israel
Latin America & Caribbean France East Asia & Pacific Jordan
Argentina Germany Australia Kuwait
Brazil Greece China Lebanon
Chile Hungary Indonesia Morocco
Colombia Ireland Japan Oman
Ecuador Italy Korea, Rep. Qatar
Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Saudi Arabia
Peru Poland Philippines United Arab Emirates
Uruguay Portugal Singapore Others*
Others* Russian Federation Thailand
Spain Others* Sub-Saharan Africa
Sweden Kenya
Turkey Nigeria
United Kingdom South Africa
Others* Others*

* Available upon request.

What you’ll receive:

The Country Report delivers a 20-page document covering all key areas impacting roaming in your market. Each section is packed with market-specific data, brought together through Kaleido’s unrivalled research process and demonstrating clear trends, patterns and growth trajectories to aid business planning.

Contents Table:

  • Introduction
  • Roaming Market SnapStats
  • International Outbound & Inbound Travel
  • Key Travel Corridors, Outbound
  • International Outbound & Inbound Roaming Trips
  • Silent Roaming Proportion, Outbound & Inbound
  • International Voice Roaming Traffic, Outbound & Inbound
  • International SMS Roaming Traffic, Outbound & Inbound
  • International Data Roaming Traffic, Outbound & Inbound
  • Consumer Roaming Revenues, Wholesale & Retail
  • 5G Roaming Consumer Outlook
  • VoLTE Roaming, Outbound & Inbound
  • Travel eSIM Adoption, Outbound & Inbound
  • TAP & BCE (Clearing & Settlement), Wholesale Roaming Revenues
  • Roaming Fraud Loss by Type
  • IoT Roaming, Connections & Revenues
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