EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Rebecca Celebrates One Year at Kaleido

Join us in getting to know our Digital Marketing Manager better with a Q&A

At Kaleido Intelligence, we take pride in delivering our clients with trusted and insightful research services. However, have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes?

As our Digital Marketing Manager, Rebecca Clement, celebrates her one-year anniversary, join us in getting to know her further with a Q&A!

Q: Hi Rebecca! Could you please introduce yourself and your role at Kaleido Intelligence?

A: I joined Kaleido in February 2023 as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Primarily my role involves planning campaigns, creating content, and analysing campaign performance data!

Q: Tell us what a typical day at Kaleido Intelligence looks like?

A: After coffee – I usually start the morning by reviewing our channels, ensuring all planned content is ready for the day ahead.

The rest of my day can vary depending on new report launches, events and other activities! Some days for example, this might include designing a marketing email, creating an ad for a publication, or writing SEO optimised content for our website.

No two days are ever the same in marketing which is something I love about my role – it’s never boring!

Q: What is something unique about working at Kaleido Intelligence?

A:  The genuine enthusiasm and knowledge the team has! At Kaleido, every team member shares a passion for educating the industry through the very best strategic market intelligence.

Kaleido also truly values its people which is reflected with the supportive, flexible culture and positive work-life balance that’s promoted amongst the team. One of the highlights for me at Kaleido are the annual team events, such as our visits to Wimbledon and Winter Wonderland last year.

Q: What excites you about Kaleido’s marketing objectives for 2024?

A: As a small but growing company, Kaleido feels like it’s at a really exciting stage in its journey! It’s rewarding to see that visible growth and feel like your work is helping to contribute to that journey.

In 2024, our focus is on optimising our marketing communications strategy. We aim to deliver consistent, targeted, and high-quality content to our audience across our channels. Simultaneously, we want to enhance the overall user experience of our website, particularly focusing on ensuring the ecommerce process is seamless for our customers.

Q: Outside of working at Kaleido Intelligence, what do you enjoy?

A: Recently I have taken up indoor bouldering and have joined my local climbing centre. It’s fun to set myself different challenges and (slowly!) progress through the routes.

In the summer months I also enjoy wild swimming at a local lake!

Learn more about our team by visiting our About Us page.

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