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The latest findings from Kaleido's Connectivity Vendor Hub for Private Networks


NEW competitive intelligence assesses 38 leading private network providers

London, October 11th, 2022: Kaleido Intelligence, a leading connectivity market intelligence and consulting firm, has announced its latest Private Network Vendor Hub research, providing the most up-to-date rankings and scores for private LTE/5G network providers across three categories.


The Connectivity Vendor Hub: Private Networks 2022 research analysed 38 leading cellular IoT connectivity service providers across cellular private network solutions, network management and connectivity. The study provides a comprehensive assessment of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for all companies.

The research is the culmination of more than 300 hours’ worth of primary research, assessing over 40 criteria for each product through product demos, questionnaires, and detailed briefings used to collect relevant information. Kaleido’s approach focused on categorising service providers based on product features and depth, underlying technology, in addition to differentiation and innovation factors that help accelerate the market.

9 Vendors Receive Champion Kaleido Scores, 18 Vendors Recognised As High-Flyers

Ericsson, NTT and Telefónica Tech were ranked the number 1 vendors across each of the categories assessed. Athonet, Nokia and Telefónica Tech were the only firms ranked as Champions across multiple categories, with 7 other companies assessed as Champion vendors. Champion vendors received Kaleido Scores of 12 and above, out of a total of 15; meanwhile, High-Flyers received scores between 10 and 12

The Number 1, Champion and High Flyer vendors across key product segments as scored by Kaleido Intelligence are as follows.

Telefónica’s presence as a global MNO with a highly developed range of connectivity management tools allows it to offer dynamic private network connectivity for all deployment models, including adaptable roaming management 

Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of IoT & BigData in Telefónica Tech commented: “Telefónica has make a great effort during these years to build a comprehensive e2e offering in the Private Networks space. Leveraging our MNO assets and our growing ecosystem of partners for value-added solutions, we offer reliable solutions in different flexible architectural models to fulfill all the requirements from our customers all along the value chain from a variety of sectors and verticals. We are very happy that Kaleido has valued so positively this approach and has assessed our value proposal within the top Private Network Management vendors.”

Ericsson leads in private network solutions, with a powerful combination of pre-integrated hardware and software that supports 5G-ready technology for all deployments

George Mulhern, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Enterprise Wireless Solutions, Ericsson, remarked: “This recognition from Kaleido validates that Ericsson’s Private Networks solutions are truly industry leading. We continue to invest in building our private networks portfolio to ensure it meets the needs of enterprise segments and use cases.’’

NTT’s managed service offering leverages a highly customisable architecture, providing flexible network management and an innovative billing model 

Parm Sandhu, Vice President Enterprise 5G Products and Services at NTT Ltd remarked:The interest from global CIO’s is accelerating as companies look to adopt private 5G to reinvent their business operations. Emerging as a Champion in Kaleido Intelligence is a testament to our leading capabilities and vision. NTT delivers faster, secure, and more reliable networks that extends beyond basic connectivity to a comprehensive suite of fully-managed services that can also be designed around their use cases and strategies. We are well-positioned to lead our customers in their digital transformation journey.

Leading Products Address Private Network Ecosystem Complexity 

Private Networks have generated considerable hype throughout the cellular IoT industry, with 5G being seen as a key tool to unlock various benefits in future rollouts. Despite this, Kaleido’s cellular IoT research has found that there is still confusion around whether private networks offer the right tools for any given use case. 

James Moar, Principal Analyst at Kaleido Intelligence, commented: Private LTE & 5G networks are still in their relative infancy, with use cases still being explored in many verticals. The leading products found in our Vendor Hub all work to simplify deployment and network usage, making the benefits of the technology clearer and accelerating adoption in the market”.

The leadership scoring analysis for 38 different private network vendors is summarised in the Vendor Hub report, along with an assessment of company strengths and opportunities.


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