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Healthcare Cellular Connectivity Revenue to Exceed $4.5 Billion in 2028, Driven by 5G

5G Adoption Will Drive A 400% Increase in Data Consumption Over the Next 5 Years

London, 6th February 2024 –  New research by connectivity experts Kaleido Intelligence expects an increasingly data-driven healthcare industry to generate over $4.5 billion in connectivity revenues by 2028, with 5G connectivity driving up the data requirements of the sector.

The new research, Healthcare Cellular IoT Opportunities & Forecasts 2024, notes that while 5G will take until 2026 to make up more than 5% of cellular connections overall, the data-intensive use cases that the technology will enable will utilise almost 35 petabytes of data by 2028. With the need for advanced imaging in specialised healthcare areas, this will continue to be a vital area for healthcare development.

This will take some time to affect overall devices, however, with specialist 5G devices being rare in many situations, particularly where high data rates are not required. As a result, Kaleido expects LTE in healthcare to continue to grow, although that growth will begin to plateau from 2025.

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Uneven Cellular Deployment

The US will be the leading market for healthcare cellular connectivity, with almost 60 million connections used in the industry by 2028. This is some way ahead of the next largest market, China, which will approach 43 million in the same year. However, China’s approach will distribute these more evenly among healthcare facilities, with clinics and treatment centres being connected to cellular networks as well as hospitals.

Kaleido’s report notes that cellular will need to work alongside a variety of different connectivity types, as much infrastructure utilises Wi-Fi and other legacy technologies. This issue of legacy extends to cellular as well, with 2G and 3G devices not replaced yet despite shutdowns coming in several countries in the next 2-3 years. As a result, we expect over 3 million such connections to still be active in 2028, with relatively high usage in sub-Saharan Africa where device lifecycles are extended as far as possible thanks to a lack of quality healthcare infrastructure and funding.

“As 2G and 3G shutdowns mount, emerging economies will increasingly switch to newer technologies,” remarked research author James Moar. However, our research shows that the first move here will be to 4G LTE devices, that will continue to be supported for many years as a backup to 5G. This will create a two-speed connectivity market, with a minority of wealthy markets investing in 5G use cases and the remainder primarily utilising LTE for the foreseeable future.”

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