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Kaleido and BICS are pleased to launch a new 12 page industry White Paper
“Innovating to Bridge the Roaming Divide”.

The landscape of roaming is evolving rapidly, with shifting requirements and emerging opportunities. Global operators are grappling with various challenges, ranging from network sunsetting to ensuring voice continuity and roaming service quality as well as unlocking novel possibilities enabled by 5G technology. This dynamic environment demands careful consideration of diverse needs and priorities within operator roaming teams.

Request your copy to further explore exclusive findings and drive your understanding of the current VoLTE and low-latency roaming deployment challenges facing the industry.

About the Webinar: 
Viewed by over 200 industry professionals, Kaleido and BICS, in collaboration with Tier 1 and 2 MNOs, delved into two challenges facing the roaming industry as we approach 2024:
  1.  VoLTE Roaming: Despite notable progress, with launches by over 135 operators in 80+ country markets as of Q2 2023, implementing VoLTE roaming remains a formidable challenge for many smaller operators. This challenge encompasses both the complexities of securing agreements and the costs associated with investing in an IMS core. We examined interworking strategies for operators worldwide to efficiently prepare for VoLTE roaming readiness, ensuring a seamless outbound experience that remains unaffected by the ongoing network sunsetting.
  2. Low Latency Roaming: The webinar explored the emerging opportunities driven by 5G and IoT roaming, particularly within use cases that require low-latency roaming. With many markets seeking to harness faster international connectivity, enabling low-latency use cases presents a high-growth opportunity for operator roaming teams. We assessed the demand and provide insights into the optimal steps for operators to thrive in this new arena.
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Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
webinar speakers (2)
Kenneth Hardat
Product Manager, 5G Solutions at BICS
Johann Mercieca
Senior Manager, Voice Core & Technical Roaming at epic mt
Alberto Carro Melero
Head of Market Intelligence & B2B at Telefónica


Jon 1
Jon King
Chief Commercial Officer
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