IoT Connectivity in 2024

February 14th

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IoT Connectivity in 2024:
Are Service Providers Ready?

As the need for seamless, ubiquitous on demand connectivity increases, Kaleido looked into how connectivity enablers are evolving to meet industry demand. Covering major trends including enabling global connectivity, demand from industry verticals, pricing, VAS, 5G, Satellite, eUICC and more, the latest analysis gives clear and in some cases surprising views of how service providers must evolve to meet evolving connectivity demands.

Did you know, that 70% of IoT Service providers surveyed don’t provide full real-time connectivity visibility for customers?

Think of what that means when translated to user experience, or crucial delays to time-critical incident resolution.

The Event

In our upcoming webinar with floLIVE, we’ll showcase the key findings from our new industry survey, participated in by over 200 MVNOs and IoT Service Providers. We’ll also align the findings from the survey with the wider connectivity needs as seen by enterprises, highlighting the key areas of growth and challenges the industry must address in 2024.

View some of the initial findings below and secure your place on the webinar. All registrants will also receive a complimentary whitepaper on the survey findings, alongside the webinar recording.

What you will learn: 

✓ How are IoT Service Providers & MNOs across the world evolving cellular IoT strategies

✓ Which technologies are likely to win out

✓ How connectivity solutions are meeting end-user demand

✓ Live Q&A opportunities

Kaleido Webinars | What to Expect?

Kaleido webinars are designed to inform the industry on the key areas and pertinent issues shaping the future of our industry. Registrations can expect new insights, dialogue from industry experts and views from multiple stakeholders, in a fluid engaging format that allows registrants to ask key questions related to the subject matter.

All participants will receive a copy of the webinar presentation, alongside a new White Paper including survey findings from Kaleido’s latest survey. There will also be a chance to answer your questions during panel sessions.


Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
nir - flo live
Nir Shalom


Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
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