EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: James celebrates one year at Kaleido

Join us in getting to know our Principal Analyst further with a Q&A.

At Kaleido Intelligence, we take pride in delivering our clients with trusted and insightful reports. However, have you ever wondered about the people behind our reports?

As our Principal Analyst, James Moar celebrates his one-year anniversary, join us in getting to know him further with a Q&A!

Q: Hi James! Could you please introduce yourself and your role at Kaleido Intelligence?

A: I was brought on as a Principal Analyst for IoT Connectivity in March 2022. Prior to that, I worked with Juniper Research for several years covering the IoT and a range of connected device markets.

Q: Tell us what a typical day at Kaleido Intelligence looks like?

A: A typical morning at Kaleido starts with checking the news and any relevant press releases, as keeping up with industry announcements is essential. After that, I’ll work on the current project (typically with a second cup of coffee!). Exactly what that looks like will change depending on what stage I’m at in the project, typically it’s a mixture of going through research notes, having calls with industry stakeholders to discuss their products, building and checking data models, or providing copy for report releases.

Throughout the day I’ll also generally be bouncing ideas and news around with the other analysts – it’s always good to share information and get different perspectives!

Q: What is something unique about working at Kaleido Intelligence?

A: The perspective that Kaleido brings to a topic area, both as an outsider and working very closely with clients! The depth Kaleido asks of both its analysts and our clients means that our insights can be incredibly detailed.

The flexible culture and work-life balance Kaleido offers is also unique. The company was 100% remote even before the pandemic and prioritises its trust in people. This flexibility is ingrained in the company culture, rather than something that had to be learned at speed in March 2020.

Q: You recently attended Mobile World Congress; do you have any highlights from this event?

A: Mobile World Congress this year was the largest in-person event I’ve attended since 2020, and it’s really refreshing to get back to that kind of event. It was great to meet so many clients face-to-face that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year. It also provided a fantastic opportunity for open conversations to understand their needs for the coming year and where we can help them. Being able to discuss much of this over tapas didn’t hurt either!

Q: How has your industry knowledge developed since joining the Kaleido team?

A: My industry knowledge has deepened since joining the Kaleido team. The method that Kaleido follows, drives you to get into the detail of a market. Becoming familiar with the precise details of specifications and the working practices of standards bodies has been a key learning for me over this past year.

Q: Outside of working at Kaleido Intelligence, what do you enjoy?

A: I am involved in various activities with my local church including serving as a deacon, running the sound at events and volunteering as a driver for a food distribution charity.  I also enjoy running three fantasy gaming podcasts, looking at how the stories and universes of the games work. I enjoy listening to history podcasts at the gym and have been thinking of digging into one of those myself – if I can find the time between everything else!

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