International Travel Intentions & Connectivity Habits 2023

Leisure & Business Travel Survey
August 2023

Research Highlights:

  • 20 Influential Travel Markets Surveyed
  • Leisure & Business Travel Intentions for 2023 & Beyond
    • Short-haul vs Long-haul Travel Preferences
    • Destination Preferences
    • Post-COVID-19 Travel Plans
  • Travel Connectivity Habits & in 2023 & Beyond
    • Connectivity Preference: Roaming, Travel SIMs, Wi-Fi
    • Travel eSIM Adoption
    • Roaming Providers’ Expectations
    • Usage & Spend: Trends & Outlook

Kaleido’s new survey-based research delves deep into the world of international travel and connectivity. Our extensive research, conducted in June 2023, spans 20 influential travel markets, capturing the essence of post-pandemic modern travel behaviours and connectivity preferences. The questionnaire was developed by Kaleido in partnership with industry stakeholders and contained 35 questions focussed on leisure and business travel intentions, international traveller roaming and alternative travel SIM usage habits and future outlook.

The research provides the latest travel and connectivity outlook from a leisure and business traveller perspective, with a specific focus on travel demand, timescales for travel trips, consumer preferences and hurdles, as well as usage and preference for travel SIMs and roaming services.

The survey was completed by over 5,000 respondents from 20 leading travel markets including:

Australia Brazil Canada China Denmark
France Germany Hong Kong India Italy
Korea, Rep. Malaysia Netherlands Norway Singapore
Spain Sweden UAE UK US

Readers will receive the following insights: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of the global travel landscape, with insights into leisure and business travel intentions and preferences for 2023 & beyond.
  • Post-pandemic travel plans, offering views into future travel trends.
  • Travel connectivity preferences for mobile roaming, revealing current and future plans, connectivity trends, sector drivers and, barriers, and expectations that shape the connectivity landscape in 2023.
  • Mobile roaming and eSIM usage trends, increasing awareness of travel SIMs, pricing and spend analysis, evolving attitude towards travel eSIMs.
  • Popular travel SIM providers across these markets.

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The full survey report provides rich insights into travel connectivity preferences which will help roaming and connectivity teams align their strategic planning and business initiatives to meet customer demand.

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Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
James Moar
Principal Analyst
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