perspectives | Open APIs:
Exposing Network Capabilities

November 2023

Kaleido Perspectives | Research Highlights:

  • Exploration of Initiatives and Partnerships Including GSMA’s Open Gateway
  • Analysis Into Benefits and Challenges
  • CPaaS Landscape Evolution and Forecasts

Kaleido’s Perspectives research series provides a concise analysis of the global mobile service operating environments and emerging technologies.

Our new perspectives report on Open APIs explores the initiatives which operators, individually and collectively, are participating in, such as the Linux Foundation’s open source CAMARA and the GSMA’s Open Gateway, and their partnerships with leading hyperscalers such as AWS and Microsoft, as well as moves by some operators to create their own developer websites.

The research analyses the benefits that this approach brings compared to traditional CPaaS solutions, including the opportunity for developers and customers to access advanced network capabilities including low latency, authentication and location. The research also highlights the potential of network API access to enhance the user experience, create new monetisation opportunities (including within the burgeoning IoT space) and increase customer retention.

It considers the challenges operators face and the extent to which exposing the network APIs will meet the needs of the target audience base and whether there may be adverse impacts on network resources and the user experience.

Finally, it assesses what the impact of these initiatives will be on the CPaaS landscape, and how that is likely to evolve in the short and medium term, while providing a forecast on revenue generation opportunities over the next five years.

Readers will receive the following insights: 

  • How operators are seeking new revenue streams through network capability exposure.
  • Status of initiatives such as Linux Foundation’s CAMARA and GSMA’s Open Gateway.
  • Market challenges in scaling developer communities, supporting MVNOs, and ensuring reliable services, interoperability, standardisation, and security issues.
  • Evaluation of meeting target audience needs and potential impacts on network resources and user experience.
  • Market sizing and forecast on revenue generation opportunities in the CPaaS landscape over the next five years.

Unlock Tailored Success: 

Kaleido’s new Perspectives research series provides a gateway to future-tech exploration and revenue generation opportunities for mobile operators.

Get in touch with our consulting team to understand the forces shaping mobile innovation, future technologies and sustainability and equip your business unit with the tools to drive transformative change.

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Windsor Holden
Windsor Holden
Principal Research Consultant
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