Cellular Iot Connectivity Series:
Transport & Logistics opportunities & forecasts
March 2024

Research Highlights:

  • Connectivity trends across the transport and logistics industry
  • Cellular connectivity insights for automotive industry players
  • Extensive industry findings from Kaleido’s IoT Connectivity Survey
  • Forecasts for cellular connections and data revenues from across the transportation industry

The new report in Kaleido Intelligence’s Vertical Sector Connectivity series presents the market for cellular connectivity in the automotive and logistics sectors. This sector has been one of the largest sectors adopting connectivity in various ways, and the report outlines how this can be taken further and expanded, for use cases ranging from telematics to goods tracking and warehouse connectivity.

Based on direct feedback from transportation and logistics stakeholders surveyed in Kaleido’s latest IoT connectivity survey of 800 enterprises, the report provides valuable insights showcasing requirements and expectations surrounding the provision of connectivity in a transport and logistics context. In addition, the report highlights the impact of macro technology trends on the industry’s use of connectivity in the coming years.

The 44-page concise report provides forecasts for transportation cellular connections split by use case, and regional and country markets. In addition, readers will gain insight into the growth of data usage and IoT connectivity revenues in these industries.

The PDF report provides market data at a global & regional level for the following metrics:

  • Number of transportation and logistics cellular connections across vehicle telematics, infotainment, goods tracking, eMobility  and other transport and logistics use cases
  • Transport and logistics data volume
  • Airtime revenues from transport and logistics cellular connectivity

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • How key macro trends are affecting the adoption of connectivity for the transport and logistics industry
  • What features and types of connectivity are most appealing to the transport and logistics sector
  • What the best sectors are for a variety of connectivity types and associated business models
  • How the desire for sustainability, both from industry and consumer perspectives, is shaping the needs of this industry

This report provides market sizing and forecasts for cellular connectivity across the logistics sector, projecting connection volume and revenue.

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Report Authors

James Moar
Principal Analyst
Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
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