Roaming Vendor Hub: Roaming Hubs 2023
Vendors Assessed
February 2023
ROAMING VENDOR HUB: roaming hubs

Research Highlights:

  • Leading Roaming Hub Vendor Analysis
  • Vendor Scoring & Side By Side Comparison
  • Vendor Strategy & Key Strengths Assessment
  • Partnerships, Clients & Product Offering Evaluation

Kaleido Intelligence’s Vendor Hub presents the most detailed competitive intelligence available on mobile roaming, providing a full understanding of the market for all roaming vendors and wholesale service providers.

The Roaming Vendor Hub: Roaming Hubs report, based on extensive primary and secondary research conducted over a 4-month period, enables leading roaming hub vendors to be compared equally and on their own merits.

Kaleido’s approach to competitive analysis will finally enable all roaming vendors to showcase their strengths on an equal playing field. This will enable MNOs, as well as MVNOs, to choose a vendor based on their product/service offering strengths rather than existing popularity.

Our approach focuses on categorising vendors, examining their strengths and weaknesses, identifying the company’s unique market position, problem-solving capabilities, innovation leadership and, finally, how the vendor is positioned to meet MNO/MVNO needs and requirements.

Report Deliverables:

  • Strengths of vendor offerings across the roaming hub product segment
  • Product segment analysis for key roaming portfolio capabilities
  • Company strategy and key strengths, alongside a focus on product innovation
  • Key clients and partner evaluation

Operators: Use the Vendor Hub reports to get a clear idea of which vendors deliver the leading roaming services best suited to their needs. 

Roaming Vendors & Wholesale Service Providers: The Kaleido Vendor Hub report highlights the technology leadership of key vendors including individual strengths and weaknesses versus competitors. 

Vendors Assessed 

BICS  Comfone  Orange International Carriers Syniverse
Tata Communications Telna Transaction Network Services  Vodafone Roaming Service


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Vendors and operators can participate in this research by contacting us at 

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Report Authors

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
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Shrey Bhandari
Senior Research Consultant

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