Revolutionising Roaming in 2024
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What Does 2024 Hold for the Roaming Industry?

We recently attended MWC 2024 in Barcelona where we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the roaming industry’s biggest experts from Syniverse, Telef√≥nica Global Solutions, TOMIA, Telna and iBASIS on what the future holds.

“There are really three main roaming needs customers face in 2024. The retirement of 3G, the transition to 5G and the rise of VoLTE roaming.”

Harry Patz, Chief Revenue Officer, Syniverse

The roaming industry is constantly evolving and there are a lot of important discussions to be had.

In 2024, customers are facing the retirement of 3G networks, the transition to 5G and the rise of VoLTE roaming. The importance of quick commercial adaptation to market changes is essential.

Operators are also faced with exciting new opportunities, particularly in IoT brought to them by 5G capabilities and low-latency roaming.

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