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Telecoms Sector Slow with Net Zero Targets

Urgent Action Needed by Smaller Players

30th April 2024, London UK: New research from Kaleido Intelligence, a leading telecom market intelligence and consulting firm, shows the progress the telecoms sector is making towards Net Zero emissions, in pursuit of the Paris Agreement climate goals.

The new report, Net Zero in Telecoms: 2024 Outlook, assesses 106 connectivity service providers across 26 countries for their sustainability performance, and has found that while the GSMA has agreed a Net Zero pathway for the telecoms sector, 36% of those with Net Zero targets in place do not have goals in line with the agreed guideline of 45% reduction in emissions by 2030.

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Urgent Action Needed on Electricity Emissions

While many telecoms operators are improving their energy efficiency per bit of data transferred, often thanks to 5G upgrades, this is often offset by increased data transfer. This has resulted in net year-over-year increases in greenhouse gas emissions for several operators, even as they report reduced emissions intensity.

The best CSPs are those who are actively working to either generate or support renewable energy projects, as most telecoms emissions originate from electricity use. Kaleido notes that this may be an area where care is needed, thanks to some questionable practices surrounding renewable energy certificates.

Increasing Awareness of the Supply Chain

It has been consistently recognised that Scope 3 emissions (emissions originating from an organisation’s supply chain) are the most numerous, with the GSMA estimating that they account for 75% of the sector’s emissions overall. However, of the stakeholders evaluated for the report, only 53% assess their Scope 3 emissions in any form.

However, this is an increase in reporting levels in previous years, with more CSPs beginning to include Scope 3 emissions reduction targets in their reporting, with several surveyed companies not reporting Scope 3 but in the process of collating data for that measurement to begin.

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Sustainable Change at the Heart of Organisations Drives Strong Environmental Results

“Sustainability and the drive to Net Zero is an acknowledged concern by many connectivity providers worldwide,” remarked research author James Moar. “However, relatively few outside of public companies have taken it seriously enough to engage in systematic reporting and reduction efforts, while even fewer link it directly to their business outcomes. Changing this is necessary to ensure that the impact of climate change is minimised.”

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