The Future of Roaming Monetisation

May 14th

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The Future of Roaming Monetisation:
BCE in Roaming

According to a recent Kaleido survey, over 30% of MNOs anticipate implementing BCE by 2024’s end, bolstering their roaming monetisation efforts. BCE adoption is set to surge in tandem with the rollout of 5G SA roaming, gaining additional momentum with the BCE 2.0 standard release. MNOs must consider this growth when strategising their next-generation roaming monetisation plans.

The Event

Join Kaleido, Syniverse, and speakers from leading MNOs on May 14th for a live webinar dedicated to the adoption of BCE and effective monetisation of next-generation roaming services. We’ll delve into Kaleido’s latest research and survey findings, followed by an expert panel discussion. Our panel will directly address key questions operators must consider when planning their BCE implementation, such as whether BCE is necessary, how new standards will help enable MNOs, successful use cases, and overcoming deployment challenges.

What you will learn: 

✓ Roaming monetisation priorities and BCE intentions from Kaleido’s latest survey.

✓ How MNOs are planning their BCE launches, and what is needed to ensure success.

The impact of BCE 2.0 and 5G SA launches in 2024.

How to address common deployment challenges. 

✓ Live Q&A opportunities.

BCE in roaming infographic showing survey findings

Kaleido Webinars | What to Expect?

Kaleido webinars are designed to inform the industry on the key areas and pertinent issues shaping the future of our industry. Registrations can expect new insights, dialogue from industry experts and views from multiple stakeholders, in a fluid engaging format that allows registrants to ask key questions related to the subject matter.

All participants will receive a copy of the webinar presentation, alongside a new White Paper including survey findings from Kaleido’s latest survey. There will also be a chance to answer your questions during panel sessions.

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Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
Emma - Syniverse
Emma Blatch
VP Product, Syniverse
Karla Essig
Director of Mobility Wholesale Services and Solutions, AT&T
John Pawluk
Senior Wholesale Roaming Manager, Swisscom
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