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Wholesale Roaming Revenues to Reach $34 Billion by 2028

IoT Roaming Use Cases and Travel eSIM Wholesale Traffic Ranked as the Top Two Areas Predicted to Drive Roaming Revenues Over the Next 3 Years

10th April 2024, London, UK: New research by roaming experts Kaleido Intelligence predicts that operators will see wholesale roaming revenues from consumer and IoT connections reach $34 billion by 2028.

Meanwhile, Kaleido’s 2024 wholesale roaming MNO survey found that the majority of operators recognise the potential of IoT roaming and travel eSIMs in revenue generation. With IoT roaming connections continuing to grow, understanding the scale of IoT roaming traffic will allow operators to optimise their wholesale roaming revenues.

Kaleido’s new Wholesale Roaming: Strategies & MNO Outlook 2024 research found that the expansion of travel eSIMs will play a major role in roaming wholesale revenues over the coming years, with consumers increasingly taking advantage of the convenience and cost-savings such roaming alternatives offer. With Kaleido predicting travel eSIM spend to approach $10 billion by 2028, mobile operators should strategise to embrace the travel eSIM market opportunity instead of viewing it as a threat. This can be achieved through forging partnerships with providers or developing their own offerings, thereby seizing potential wholesale roaming revenues.

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VoLTE Roaming Leads as Top Technical Priority Amongst Operators

The report found that VoLTE roaming remains the number 1 priority amongst operators, with VoLTE roaming service testing and commercial deployment top on MNOs technical requirement radar. With the shutdown of 2G and 3G networks ongoing, enabling VoLTE roaming continues to be essential for operators to maintain geographical voice reach for their customers.

Dawnn Dinsey, Research Analyst at Kaleido Intelligence said: “VoLTE roaming agreements must continue to be prioritised as legacy networks are phased out and 5G networks expand. With Kaleido predicting 2.6 billion VoLTE connections globally by 2028, mobile operators must continue to negotiate and sign VoLTE roaming agreements covering global routes, or strategise VoLTE roaming interworking solutions to cover the expansion in the interim”.

Analytics & Wholesale Roaming Management Services: Key Investments Planned in 2024

Further, Kaleido’s Wholesale Roaming MNO Survey found that 36% of operators have planned investments in either analytics and real-time insights management or wholesale roaming management for 2024. These investments will be crucial for unlocking the full potential of wholesale roaming traffic to strengthen mobile operators’ revenues.

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