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Our latest research addressing the opportunity for blockchain solutions in roaming


NEW detailed analysis of five separate models of how operators and/or data clearinghouses might incorporate blockchains into their systems to address various challenges posed by roaming.

London, June 1st, 2020New research from the roaming experts Kaleido Intelligence found that the application of blockchain to discount agreement automation can generate substantial cost efficiencies for Tier 1 MNOs. However, for the smaller players, the savings are unlikely to be sufficient to justify investment and therefore will remain wedded to legacy procedures for the foreseeable future. 

It provides an assessment of Kaleido’s view of the relative suitability of blockchain to each business models outlined below: 

  • Model 1 – Eliminating the Data Clearinghouse
  • Model 2 – Automated Discount Agreements
  • Model 3 – Hybrid Approach: Blockchain at the Clearinghouse 
  • Model 4 – MNO as Neutral Intermediary 
  • Model 5 – Addressing New Business Models for Roaming 

The research found that the incentive to integrate blockchain in roaming is strongest amongst 38 global network operators and their opcos. 

See further details  on the research. 

Who Benefits from Blockchain?

The research found that, the incentive to integrate blockchain is strongest in only select groups of network operators and their opcoslisting out a list of beneficiaries by region: 

  • Operators/operator groups generating annual revenues of $1-5 billion per annum are very likely to reap some reward from blockchain implementation around discount agreements;  
  • Operators in the $500 million-$1 billion range, it is possible that they will secure some benefits; 
  • Operators in the $200-500 million range, it is highly unlikely that they will realise any benefits; 
  • Below $200 million, any benefits will almost certainly be outweighed by the costs of implementation. 

Dr Windsor Holden, Principal Research Consultant commented:“Outside this select assembly, the benefits will be less clear cut, with MNOs either having less capacity to create and maintain dedicated blockchain teams while having fewer costs from dispute management and/or reconciliation/settlement issues”

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