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BCE to be Deployed by One Third of Mobile Operators in 2024: MNO Survey

Kaleido’s Latest Clearing & Settlement MNO Survey Highlights A Lengthy Migration Path, with 54% Expected to Completely Transition From TAP to BCE After 2028

London, December 19th, 2023: A new mobile operator survey from roaming research experts Kaleido Intelligence has found that around 34% of mobile operators expect to launch BCE (Billing and Charging Evolution) by the end of 2024. The adoption of BCE will gain significant momentum in 2024 alongside the initial rollout and the launch of 5G SA roaming. The release of the BCE 2.0 standard in mid-2024 will further fuel this growth.

A majority of the participant operators (54% of MNOs surveyed) expect to fully migrate to BCE only after 5 years or more, during which the two systems would run in parallel.

Kaleido’s new research, The Future of Clearing & Settlement 2024, found that nearly 34% of wholesale roaming revenue settlement will have migrated to the BCE standard by 2028. This marks a substantial increase from the prediction of less than 5% by 2024.

The convergence of slow initial adoption alongside a significant integration period required for BCE implies that, by 2026, a majority of surveyed telecom companies (71%) anticipate that less than a quarter (25%) of their settlement will be attributed to the new billing and charging system.

New Commercial Models To Drive $2 Billion IoT Roaming Revenues Over the Next 5 Years

Kaleido’s BCE MNO Survey found that around three-quarters of operators intend to use active subscription/IMSI-based charging together, with 66% expected to implement volume-based or threshold-based charging. The research predicts that, based on new access-based charging models enabled by BCE, operators will realise a cumulative total of over $2 billion in the next 5 years.

Nitin Bhas, Chief Analyst at Kaleido intelligence commented: “BCE empowers operators to employ diverse charging models for roaming IoT devices—like threshold-based and differential charging. With over 180 million low-bandwidth permanently roaming devices in 2022 (generating less than 10MB per month), targeting these growing units through innovative charging models will unlock additional wholesale revenues for mobile operators.”

Key Survey Findings

  • Only 31% of participating operators had a comprehensive understanding of BCE.
  • Facing competitive disadvantages from not having deployed BCE is the biggest driver for accelerating BCE migration strategies for mobile operators.
  • Only 24% of respondents believe blockchain can further streamline the settlement process, in addition to implementing BCE.

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