The Future of Clearing
& Settlement 2024

December 2023

Research Highlights:

  • BCE & Blockchain in Clearing & Settlement: Q4 2023 Survey Findings from Over 80 MNO Participants
  • BCE in Roaming: MNO Prospects & Outlook
  • BCE in IoT Roaming: Monetisation Opportunities & Forecasts
  • Blockchain in Roaming: Opportunities for MNOs & Clearing Houses
  • Competitive Snapshot & Kaleido Scores for Leading Clearing & Settlement Providers

This new research from Kaleido Intelligence provides an analysis of the opportunities for BCE and Blockchain in Wholesale Roaming Clearing & Settlement, offering an assessment of the key trends, market developments and operator requirements.

Kaleido’s MNO survey conducted in Q4 2023 to gauge operator attitudes towards BCE and Automated Settlement using Blockchain, the benefits they perceived it brought, the challenges they faced in deployment and their anticipated roll out plans inform this report, and its concluding recommendations.

The research investigates the settlement challenges in a TAP environment and outlines the opportunities presented by BCE, including an assessment of the implementation approaches as well as ecosystem engagement.

The report provides a clear assessment of the relative suitability of blockchain to eliminating the clearing house versus implementing the blockchain at the clearing house.

Readers will receive the following insights: 

  • Analysis of BCE and blockchain opportunities within wholesale roaming.
  • Assessment of key market developments and trends, including the analysis of current and planned migration to BCE by region.
  • Operator survey findings on BCE deployment plans, challenges, drivers, migration plans, preferred monetisation or charging models, leading BCE-enablement providers and the perceived value and implementation of blockchain in automated settlement.
  • Overview of the leading clearing and settlement providers from Kaleido’s latest H2 2023 Roaming Vendor Hub assessment.
  • Strategies for mobile operators to implement BCE and considerations for Blockchain or other DLT (distributed ledger technology) solutions.

This 41-page concise report provides this report includes forecasts for wholesale revenues settled using BCE and TAP, potential and predicted new revenues enabled via monetisation of low-bandwidth (less than 10MB per month) IoT permanent roaming connections.

The research provides market data at a global, country and regional level for the following metrics:

  • Wholesale Roaming Revenues from Consumer & IoT Connections
  • Wholesale Roaming Revenues Settled Using BCE & TAP
  • IoT Permanent Roaming New Revenues Enabled by BCE
  • IoT Permanent Roaming Wholesale Revenues Based on Access-Based Models

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full metrics including forecasts across 60+ global markets, totalling over 250,000 data points.

Members will be able to access the research directly.

For more information on accessing this research, or having membership access, please get in touch.

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Report Authors

Dawnn Dinsey
Market Research Analyst
Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights
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