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Germany, Singapore and the UK Head Kaleido's Mobile Regulatory & Policy Matrix


22nd August 2023, London, UK: New research from Kaleido Intelligence, a leading telecom market intelligence and consulting firm, has found that Germany, Singapore and the UK have the most supportive regulatory regimes for future mobile services.

The new research, Mobile Regulatory & Policy Readiness 2023, assessed the readiness and effectiveness of 22 national regimes across nine regulatory pillars, including national spectrum strategy, private network provisions, quality of service (QoS) parameters, smart city frameworks and support for cross border data flows.

For each pillar, Kaleido assigned each country a rating based on the extent to which the regime actively supports the development of its bailiwick, with the weighted index scores combining to determine a country’s position in Kaleido’s Mobile Regulatory & Policy Matrix.

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Germany Achieves Highest Overall Ranking

According to the report, Germany achieved the highest overall ranking due in part to its 5G strategy, which saw the country provide specific spectrum allocations for new entrants and enterprises, and mandate coverage obligations for licensees; it was also a frontrunner in 5G local private network licensing. These policies underpinned Germany’s overarching Industry 4.0 strategy, and their implementation has been key in enabling the country to achieve its objectives. Germany also achieves the highest possible rating for both the Cyber Security and Connected Vehicles pillars.

Singapore & UK Leads Digital & QoS Readiness

Meanwhile, the report argued that Singapore was perhaps the best example of a nation which first articulated a digital agenda and then proceeded to develop and implement sets of related policies to deliver the goals of that agenda. It also praised the UK’s work in defining and publicising detailed, transparent QoS obligations, while providing detailed guidance on security requirements.

Smart Cities Regulatory Initiatives Need Greater Local & Regional Integration

Kaleido’s research also emphasised that for countries to achieve smart city objectives, it was essential to create greater synergy between pertinent national legislation and local implementation, while at the same time ensuring that research projects for smart cities are supported at the national level.

It highlighted the smart city strategies developed by both the UAE’s Dubai government and Saudi Arabia in this space, with the latter’s strategy identifying six goals that consider the priorities and challenges of each region.

However, none of these three countries has yet delineated a comprehensive strategy for non-terrestrial networks (NTNs).

Dr Windsor Holden, Principal Consultant at Kaleido commented: “In an increasingly data hungry world, NTNs in low earth orbit can provide vital backhaul capacity for 5G networks, and hence putting the regulatory framework in place to facilitate this can greatly benefit mobile network operators.”

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