Mobile Regulatory & Policy Readiness 2023

August 2023

Kaleido Perspectives – Research Highlights:

  • National Mobile Service Operating Environment Analysis
  • Comparative Regulatory Assessment
  • Regulatory Matrix & Readiness Index: Evaluating Efficacy & Flexibility of Regulatory Frameworks
  • 22 Country Markets & Readiness Scored

Kaleido’s new Perspectives series offers forward-looking analyses of the global mobile service operating environments. Our new report presents a comparative regulatory assessment, offering a panoramic view of national regulatory frameworks that shape the landscape for mobile service providers, network operators, virtual network operators, and their partners.

Kaleido’s Regulatory Matrix is meticulously crafted to gauge the readiness and effectiveness of regulatory regimes. Dive into critical indicators, including spectrum strategy, private network development, quality of service standards, cellular connectivity via NTNs, cybersecurity resilience, cross border data flows, smart cities promotion, autonomous vehicles roadmap, and industrial IoT empowerment.

In summary, readers will receive the following insights: 

  • Our research delves deep into the nexus of regulations, policies, and technological advancements, underscoring their collective impact on the evolution of mobile services.
  • Understand how regulatory frameworks align with digital agendas, foster innovation, and empower next-generation networks and services.
  • Focus on sustainability, innovation, and future technology adoption, mapping a roadmap for regulators, industry stakeholders, and service providers.

Unlock Tailored Success:

Kaleido’s new Perspectives research series provides a gateway to regulatory mastery and future-tech exploration.

Contact our consulting team to understand the forces shaping mobile innovation, future technologies and sustainability and equip your business unit with the tools to drive transformative change.

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Report Authors

Windsor Holden
Windsor Holden
Principal Research Consultant
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