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We recently attended MWC 2024 in Barcelona where we had the pleasure of interviewing Dario Betti, CEO of Mobile Ecosystem Forum to discuss his thoughts on the evolving industry’s landscape.

Hi Dario! Could you please share what excites you most about global connectivity and the mobile industry in 2024?

It’s a great time for the entire telecommunication industry and for global connectivity! First of all, we are leaving the introduction of AI. It might have been hyped but it’s really relevant for our industry, both in terms of how we manage a network and how we connect networks themselves.

Secondly, we are still living in a time of great growth of a volume of data transported, so especially in mobile we’re going to see 6G and much more.

What are the top factors shaping the roaming and IoT ecosystems for MEF Members?

I would say there are factors that are short, medium and long-term. In the short-term, looking at roaming in connectivity, we are still transitioning with VoLTE and there is still work to be done behind the scenes to make sure everything flows.

In the medium term, the world is not flat anymore. We are living in a post global area, meaning in our industry regulatory regimes are really starting to be divergent. We’ve seen that happen with voice, messaging, data, IoT, roaming, and that regulation is really going to be shaping up different dynamics.

Finally, in the long term, as we’re moving so much value of our economy into our networks, there’s so much interest in breaking those. Some of the technologies out there are growing – quantum computing, is able to break some of those networks for example. The challenge of protecting networks is really growing! We need to be more careful, both as consumers and as telecoms.

How are MEF helping members to succeed in 2024?

We bring members together, we are a forum, a great piazza as I would say in Italian! We enable them to have conversaions and share different opinions. Out of these discussions, this networking, produces some great topics for the entire industry to reflect on!

We also like to impact global change in the industry as a neutral body. We’ve done that with past regulation, the code of conduct, messaging and other initivatives.

How have Kaleido helped add value to MEF members on roaming & IoT topics?

We appreciate immensly the amount of insight, information and interactivity we’ve brought to the forum, thanks to Kaleido. Throughout our history, we’ve looked for controversial topics and information that can shape the debate today and Kaleido can do that. We can have an informed discussion, a structured discussion, we’re very happy to invite Kaleido to join us and hope to host you again next year!

We’re looking for controversial topics and information that can shape the debate today and Kaleido can do that.
What are the top 3 areas that are the priority for MEF members in 2024?

This year, we’re unfortunately looking at defence for both consumers and enterprises from fraud. That grows from artificially generated traffic in messaging, but equally in advertising and some P2P traffic as well. We’re going to be working on lots of ideas from our members on how to tackle that.

Secondly, it’s a longer topic about transformation in the industry. It’s softwarization as a service transforming, the telecom industry is looking at itself and trying to invent it. It’s going to take a while with lots of help internally and externally to understand those challenges.

Thirdly,  in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, sustainability has been a word used for the past 20 years. We believe sustainability means protection of the consumers and the enterprises, as well as the wider issues such as using less energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

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