kaleido quarterly:
Q4 recap

On December 8th 2023, the Kaleido team was thrilled to host our Kaleido Quarterly Q4 webinar. This event marked the second edition in this exclusive series, aimed at providing our valued members with a comprehensive overview of our crucial quarterly research findings. Our expert analysts highlighted trending topics, ongoing industry changes, and potential development opportunities.

The Session

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Jon King, opened the session by providing an exciting overview of the upcoming insights that were about to be discussed. The Q4 webinar agenda covered 2024 roaming market projections, BCE attitudes and our Connectivity Vendor Hub eSIM, CMP and Private Networks updates.

Jon also shared with our members, an exclusive overview of our upcoming research studies and event opportunities, offering insight into what members can expect from Kaleido over the coming months.

Travel & Roaming Market Projections: 2023 Estimates & 2024 Outlook 

Our Chief of Research, Nitin Bhas, then presented our audience with an overview of the latest roaming market projections for the coming year, covering forecasts for all major areas including Travel Recovery, 5G Roaming, IoT Roaming and IPX Traffic.

This update, included exclusive insights taken from our latest Roaming Data Hub report, a comprehensive source of mobile roaming data, covering over 60 global markets that enables clients to prioritise market entry and understand growth patterns.

BCE Adoption Insights: Operator
Survey Findings 

Next, it was over to our Market Research Analyst, Dawnn Dinsey, to share insights from our latest BCE report, “The Future of Clearing & Settlement”. The presentation explored recent findings on BCE deployment plans and challenges from Kaleido’s Q4 survey of over 80 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Dawnn delved into the key drivers for migrating to BCE, alongside projections from Kaleido on revenue settlement vs TAP and BCE moving ahead. This insightful discussion allowed our members to gain a full understanding of the current operator attitudes towards BCE adoption.

“The requirements for launching BCE demand time, resources and funds, so it is certainly understandable that some operators do intend to essentially hold off launching BCE in the short term. However we do advise operators not hold off too long in laying that groundwork for what we know will be the inevitable replacement of TAP in Billing”

– Dawnn Dinsey, Market Research Analyst at Kaleido Intelligence

Mapping Global Connectivity: Kaleido CMP & eSIM Vendor Hub

We then spoke to Chief of Research at Kaleido, Steffen Sorrell, to look at key competitive intelligence findings from our annual Connectivity Vendor Hub: CMP & eSIM assessment.

Our members gained an understanding of what is currently happening in the market including trends, pain points and opportunities.

Steffen explored current end users’ eSIM and CMP product needs, challenges and what is differentiating market leaders from others.

Mapping Global Connectivity: Kaleido Private Networks Vendor Hub

Finally, Principal Analyst, James Moar, shared insights from recent our Connectivity Vendor Hub: Private Networks competitive intelligence update.

James spoke on this fast moving space and the expanded Kaleido analysis on the market, allowing for full understanding on where vendors are sitting and how they are positioned to meet clients needs and requirements.

James discussed current vendor trends across hardware, software, connectivity and management and looked at what is currently separating the market leaders within these areas.

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